Ryska Posten Racing Team didn’t happen over night, but not over a too long period either. The history of one of the best road cycling teams in Sweden is spelled - teamwork and hard working employees with a dream!

As a company with bike couriers it may not come as a chock that Ryska Posten Racing Team exists, but it’s absolutely not something you can take for granted. The difference between cycling and cycling is huge. We may have the best bike couriers on the streets, and we can absolutely deliver your computer or your super important document faster than you can imagine. Although to deliver something super fast, and be super fast in a cycling road race is two very different things…

The starting point for RPRT was 2010, at the time Patrik Stenberg was one of Swedens best junior cyclist. He had been training and racing a bit too hard and needed a break. The will to use his bike and legs in his daily work lead him to Ryska Posten. Patrik started working as a bike messenger and some time went by. Against the odds Patrik started to feel an urge to start racing again. When the road racing season begun he was in need of a cycling club and Ryska Posten SK was founded. He came back to racing with a boom and managed to put the name of Ryska Posten on the map by making great results. Another door open’d with a boom when other employees at Ryska Posten saw the opportunity to race. Patrik took the team to the next level by introducing Jacob Wihk and Kalle Börjesson to the game.

Jacob decided to give it 100%, by winning 5/5 SM (swedish championship) gold medals at the track nationals and winning Stockholms landsvägscup we sensed a bigger future for the team. Cycling is an individual team sport, and to reach the next level you need a strong team. It was time to start building a larger team with more riders! So we begun the hunt for new team mates, riders with their hearts in the right spot and their minds set on winning.

The season 2017 was the real start for RPRT as we know it today, when we as a team and as the underdogs scored some really BIG results. By winning the Swedish short track nationals, U6 cycle tour, Stockholms landsvägscup for the 2nd time in a row and foremost being a happy bunch of people we attracted more riders. For the season of 2018 the Swedish road champion Richard Larsén joined the team together with our Norwegian friends Sindre and Anders along with Erik From from Umeå. Today we travel the world to go racing as the team that you should not under estimate. 2018 was filled with trophies from all over Europe!

We build the team around happiness & teamwork. Our goal is to always deliver a smile, spread our joy and of course to win. The plan is to keeping smiling and collect even more wins in 2019!


This is where we’re from. This is our roots and our solid ground. Ryska Posten!

Ryska Posten – the best service company in the world!

 It’s not that hard to go from a small, insignificant courier company to a thriving full-service company that helps
its customers with everything from deliveries to recruitment, marketing activities, parties, breakfasts, craft jobs and events. ALL You NEED
TO IS to be a little kind, humble and courteous (be a customer focused company as some would say).

thanks to the great people working for ryska posten we have grown into a company with a huge heart. Without our humility for what each
mission requires from us, we would never have come as far and grown as much as we have.

Instead of kindly turning down our customer’s requests, we have instead been able to acquire the necessary skills to just make it happen.
Thats what we do!